Early on in my career I discovered I had a love and talent for sales. Through experience I learned that with that comes great responsibility. That is why I am selective of what health products and services I will represent. If you have a product or services that improves everyones life who is involved with it, contact me to be your B2B sales rep. 

WHY I LOVE SALES: I pulled this #1 reason from a list contributed by Josh Shore in the Entrepreneur, 5 Reasons I Love Sales, and Why You Just Might, Too

1. Improving people’s lives

People buy for one reason: they are looking to improve their lives in some way. Whether a purchase is personal or for business, a big ticket or an impulse item, everyone has the same goal. The salesperson is the facilitator of that life improvement. There are few things that are as satisfying to me as knowing I am making someone’s life a little (or a lot!) better.

"My best quality is I don't know when to quit. My worst quality is I don't know when to quit."